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Anyone wanting to be part of the School Health Advisory Committee, please contact (940) 684-1331


CISD SHAC 3-1-2022 Agenda

3-1-2022 Video Meeting


CISD SHAC 1-6-2022 Agenda




CISD SHAC 1-6-2022 Minutes





1-6-2022  Meeting Video

CISD SHAC 11-2-2021 Agenda


11-2-2021 Meeting Video

Agenda for City/County/School Meeting


CISD SHAC 9-21-2021 Agenda

9-21-2021 Minutes


9-21-2021 Meeting Video



CISD Wellness and Health Services Care Plan



CISD Student Welfare Wellness and Health Services



CISD Board Internal Organization Citizen Advisory Committees



2021-2022 CISD SHAC Wellness Plan



Texas Department of State Health Services