Wonderful Wednesday

Crowell ISD would like to invite you out Wonderful Wednesday assembly on
Wednesday, October 25. It will be held in the High School Auditorium and will start at
1:05. We will be introducing our A Honor Roll, A-B Honor Roll, and Perfect Attendance
students. We will also do a Jump For George. This time ALL the kids will be entered into
the drawing in hopes to encourage them to continue to strive for next time.

We will draw names from the following:
2 students from K-4 th
2 students from 5 th – 8 th
2 students from 9 th – 12 th

Next time the students will be able to earn entries into the drawing by receiving:
A-B Honor Roll will get you 1 entry
A Honor Roll will get you 2 entries
Perfect Attendance will get you 3 entries
A Discipline Referral will take your name off this list.

Once again, we thank you for your trust and continued support with all of your children.